Special end-of-year discount offer

Limited time only.

Peter's Pedals ebike

We are offering Cambridgeshire residents a 10% discount, reducing the price of our budget Peter’s Pedals e-bike to £625 up to 24 December 2017.


Try before you buy!

We are also offering residents in Cambridge and surrounding villages a free “try before you buy” option. We will lend you an e-bike for a week so you can experience its advantages before you commit to buying.


Service back-up

Included in the price is a free check-up six weeks following purchase. There is a two-year warranty on the battery, one year on the charger and electric controller and three years on the frame. Any other repairs and servicing can be done by our partner, The Bike Man, based on the Cambridge Market Square and at the Campus Cycle Hub on the Biomedical Campus.





Cambridge Citipod




There are currently no special offers in this section.


Purchase & Leasing

Smooth and powerful, the Peter’s Pedals eBike is for more than just the city, providing a powerful tool for commuting, leisure and general riding. Whether you use it to ride faster, keep up with friends, help you up hills, improve your time around the countryside or get to work, the Peter’s Pedals e-bike is light, versatile and easy to use. It provides all the advantages of a regular bike, while reducing the strain on your body by giving you an assisted electrically-powered boost when needed.

Book a Test Ride

Try before you buy.


Always wondered what the experience woud be like, either to use a e-bike or has our CitiPod grabbed your curiosity?


Don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll organise the rest.

Business Solutons

Create a pool of e-bikes to enable staff to reach other parts of the city swiftly and hassle-free, with no parking challenges. Staff can respond rapidly to company duties around the city – and in addition use the bikes for personal activities, thus making them feel more integrated into the city and the benefits of its amenities, enhancing the perceived value of their employment with you.

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