The Vision



Why Small electric solar powered vehicles are a solution to urban transport problems 

  • Small, <1m wide, use ¼ of the road space of a car – every road becomes “4 lane dual carriageway” 
  • Parking in 1/6th the space of a car, can be parked in backyards 
  • All-weather, fully enclosed 
  • Electric – low exertion, silent and non-polluting, uses  
  • Low energy use <1KWAHr of electric per 100km 
  • Solar powered option, using less than 250W, feasible for vehicle to be self-powered 
  • “Pedelec” legal status:
    • Driver can be 14 years old
    • No licence needed  
    • No Insurance required 
    • Can be used on Cycleways as well as roads 
    • Electric assist limited to 25kmph and 250W  
  • Affordable with models from £3,000 



  • Small (<1m x1m x1m) autonomous goods transport 
  • Initial use for refuse and recycling services
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