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“Solving the world’s urban transport problem” 


30 years ago the car was seen as the solution to mobility. Today the private car is seen as the problem.  

CET’s vision is to replace large, heavy fossil fuel burning vehicles with small light solar powered electric vehicles (LEVs). 

A revolution this big will take years and will  happen at different speeds in different geographies. CET is currently piloting its vision in Cambridge UK. And will look to extend its reach over time. 


The Vision 

Small solar powered vehicles for urban journeys of less than 15km, including autonomous goods delivery.  

Further information on Vision.


The Strategy

Become recognised as a strategic player in urban transportation  in Cambridge UK and then worldwide.

Further information on Strategy.


Current tactics 

Source and supply budget e-cycles to shift more people from car to cycle. Peter's Peddles

- Provide e-cycle and  LEV Sales, service and storage at strategic locationsBiomedical Campus Hub  

- Demonstrate and promote “Proof of Concept” LEVs to Users, policy makers and possible partners 

- Design and manufacture CitiPod, the first LEV targeted at the mass market  


Our Team

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.

Peter Dawe

Co-founder & Chairman

Sean Moroney

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Massey 

Product Development Associate 


Brian Robertson -  Market Development Associate

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