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CET has embarked on a comprehensive zero-emission urban transport strategy based on lightweight electric vehicles, which it is piloting in Cambridge for progressive deployment across the world. As a first stop, CET is supplying budget e-bikes for commuters to increase their cycling distances. It is also developing an e-bike shuttle service for commuters from Cambridge Park & Rides to major employment hubs around the city like Addenbrookes/Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Science Park. This service is aimed at converting non-cyclists to the benefits of assisted cycling, as well as reducing car journeys and congestion.

CET is developing an all-weather electric CitiPod for mass deployment. The first prototype imported from Australia was unveiled in September 2017. The CitiPod conforms to EU regulations for e-bikes, qualifies for use on existing road and cycleway infrastructure and can be driven by all ages from 14+ without a licence, tax or insurance.

The CitiPod will have progressive stages of autonomy over a 3-5 year programme, building on IOT and AI technology currently evolving for the transport sector. Read more on the Cambridge CitiPod page.


CET has launched the Cambridge Cycle and Lightweight Vehicle Industry Group. More details and join here.

Lightweight Vehicle Industry Group

CET has launched the Cambridge Cycle and Lightweight Vehicle Industry Group.


We're bringing together cycle designers, manufacturers and dreamers to learn from each other, explore opportunities for collaboration, discuss how to solve urban transport problems and how to propagate progressive carbon-free transport strategies across the world.


Special Offer for Cambridge Residents

To spur Cambridge on to becoming the low-carbon transport hub for Europe, we're offering all Cambridgeshire residents a special introductory price on our 'Peter's Pedals' electric bikes.


If you live in the Cambridgeshire area, you can save 10% when buying an e-bike, but only while stocks last!


Learn More About the Cambridge CitiPod

The Cambridge CitiPod is CET's first foray into affordable, lightweight, all-weather transport solutions. After extensive manufacturer research, the team at CET found this vehicle to be cost-effective, enjoyable to use, and a great fit for the eco-friendly & pro-cycling community in and around Cambridge.


If you're looking for a way to commute and preserve the environment, read on!

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